A Batch Of Scone Links

The scones that the lovely people at Brother Hubbard on Capel Street make have been nominated as the best scones in Ireland. I’ve tested them and can attest that they are mighty fine. A difficult thing to decide if they are actually the nicest scone in the WHOLE country, but they are surely up there and their very tasty Orange Blossom Butter surely adds a nice touch. In any case the competition is very tough, in Dublin alone, Brother Hubbard is up against Keogh Cafe (a damn good scone) and Avoca (another good scone). Here’s the page for the Goodall (the spice folks) sponsored competition, make your own mind up!

I’m an enormous fan of Delia’s recipes. I know that she is seen as a little old-fashioned these days, but her no-nonsense style suits me fine and I find, unlike some modern examples, her recipes are a little forgiving. The recipe I used for my Buttermilk Scones (here’s the gallery in case you’ve not seen it) is more or less her Buttermilk Scone recipe from here.

Finally, one of the reasons I was so excited and delighted to publish a recipe book with the Murphy’s was their pure inventiveness. They show that in this rather nice post about making Ice Cream Scones, one of these days I will try this and it will make me happy!

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