Porridge In Dublin | The Fumbally Edition

602770_10151586640440579_402628190_nIt really boggles the mind how people will ruin a good porridge by adding the oddest toppings.

I ate breakfast this morning  in The Fumbally and what would have been a really lovely porridge was ruined by their adding (unasked for) an assortment of nuts, dried fruit and seeds. The honey, I didn’t mind, but the rest of it was a pretty big assumption.

It was, as I say, a huge shame too, because the porridge was creamy and rich, filled with flavour and of an excellent consistency.

Of course, the core problem wasn’t so much the seeds and nuts as the poor service. It isn’t remotely clear how The Fumbally operates. For instance when one comes in the door first, it isn’t clear whether one should one sit and wait for a staff member to take your order, or queue up and order because there are no visible menus near the counter, despite the rather nice blackboard you see above. The staff simply ignore you if you sit so I figured out the set up after ten minutes.

When I finally ventured to the counter (when the person I was meeting arrived) I had to ask if they did porridge because, despite a nice array of pastries (which did look great), there were no menus that I could see. I did finally see the paper menus hidden beside the register. Even when I asked, I was simply told yes and not offered a menu to determine the kind of porridge I might want so I made the not unreasonable assumption it would be plain, I was wrong.

All of which is disappointing because The Fumbally is really a rather nice spot, the food (and the tea) are good to great and it seems a shame to ruin it with bad or indifferent service.

I’ll certainly give The Fumbally another go, hopefully the service will be better next time.

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