My First Flat White & Sasha House Petite

Sasha House PetiteI had a few minutes spare in the city centre today and I was floating around Drury Street, so I decided I would try Sasha House Petite a coffee bar that recently opened beside Drury Street car park.

It’s been on my radar because I was passing it every morning and because it describes itself as: ‘Dublin’s first French/Slavic coffee & pastry bar.’ Who wouldn’t that intrigue!

They also roast their own coffee and bake their own sweet and savoury treats! And I just love the way the whole place is jammed right into a tiny space beside the car park entrance.

The trip gave me the opportunity to try my first “flat white” which I’ve seen on many Irish coffee shop menus but not yet tried. It was excellent! The coffee was rich and flavourful and not bitter, the drink was velvety and the foam, perfect.

The coffee shop is also comfortable and the staff lovely and welcoming too. All round a great experience!

Sasha House Petite



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