Soda Bread Links!

Tasty, I should think! A polenta soda bread! This one is a rather cake-y looking soda, but nice! It’s odd how many people start posts about soda bread by saying, ‘I’m not Irish, but …’ Here’s one for instance, with a slight variation. Don’t like raisins? Don’t have raisins, have cranberries! And, if you justContinue reading “Soda Bread Links!”

Some Pancake Oriented Link Love

UPDATE: Couldn’t miss this link, Sweet Carrot Pancakes! Today is Pancake Tuesday, one of my favourite days of the year. If you’ve never made pancake batter before, try this recipe and video. Pancakes are so versatile and wonderful and fun that I can’t help but like them. This links todays how just how versatile theyContinue reading “Some Pancake Oriented Link Love”