Recipe: Honey & Wholemeal Spelt Loaf

This recipe is really VERY simple, but the result is quite something. For such a basic loaf the flavour and the texture are great and even someone with the most basic exposure to baking could attempt to bake it. Sorry for the delay in getting it up.   : Honey & Wholegrain Spelt Loaf AnContinue reading “Recipe: Honey & Wholemeal Spelt Loaf”

A Vegetarian Lasagna Even Meat Eaters Will Like

I’ve always thought that mushrooms, when done well, take on some of the qualities of meat. This recipe is an excellent example of that and the result is an exceptionally tasty vegetarian lasagna that will be enjoyable for a mixed party without the need to worry about keepingĀ utensilsĀ separate and plates clear of meat. Check outContinue reading “A Vegetarian Lasagna Even Meat Eaters Will Like”

Griddle Bread: Loving The Soda

Prompted by someone else I did a bit of research on Griddle Bread and tried to figure out what it was because, never having had it before (at least that I could recall), I was a bit skeptical. When I discovered it was simple Soda Bread made in a griddle pan, I relaxed a little.Continue reading “Griddle Bread: Loving The Soda”

It’s Pancake Tuesday Tomorrow: Time To Make The Pancake Batter

The key, in my mind, feature of a good pancake batter is that it is made either the day before or the morning of the pancake making. Back in 2008 I made this somewhat basic but still useful How To Make Pancake Batter Video for the now (sadly) defunct Our Grannies’ Recipes website. How ToContinue reading “It’s Pancake Tuesday Tomorrow: Time To Make The Pancake Batter”