Spelt Baking Links

It is harder then you would expect to find interesting spelt recipes online. Sure, there’s a million and one bread recipes, but anything a little more complex seems to be tricky. SO I’m glad I found these ones. So I’m not much of a chocolate fan, or rather the chocolate I like is hardly qualityContinue reading “Spelt Baking Links”

A Vegetarian Lasagna Even Meat Eaters Will Like

I’ve always thought that mushrooms, when done well, take on some of the qualities of meat. This recipe is an excellent example of that and the result is an exceptionally tasty vegetarian lasagna that will be enjoyable for a mixed party without the need to worry about keepingĀ utensilsĀ separate and plates clear of meat. Check outContinue reading “A Vegetarian Lasagna Even Meat Eaters Will Like”