Recipe: Blueberry Drop Scones

I posted the gallery to go with this recipe yesterday, go there to see more pictures. It really was an incredibly easy one to do, but so rewarding. Drop scones are my new breakfast favourites, though I’m pretty sure you could have them at any time. Interestingly, we called these crumpets when I was younger,Continue reading “Recipe: Blueberry Drop Scones”

Old Cookbooks ~001: Lovely Food: A Cookery Notebook

I was inspired by this post over on Bibliocook to do something with the reams of cookbooks I’ve bought (or been given and my is THAT a treasure trove) that aren’t just the run of the mill, celebrity cook type.┬áSo I’m starting these new post types, Old Cookbooks. Generally speaking I’ve picked these up inContinue reading “Old Cookbooks ~001: Lovely Food: A Cookery Notebook”